bhaguda mogal dham address - Kabrau Mogal Dham

bhaguda mogal dham address

bhaguda mogal dham address

Mogal Maa Temple | Mogaldham Bhaguda | મોગલધામ ભગુડા

The temple of Sri “Mogal Maa” is situated in the village of Bhaguda in Mahuva taluka of Bhavnagar district. Which is known as “Mogal Dham”. The significance of Mataji’s place, which has a history of about 450 years, is important. In the Mahuva taluka, the village of Bhaguda is located in the form of a Prakriti’s sparrow nest. Mogal is sitting in the village of Bhaguda, which is full of open green fields and my eyes. This place has many burning incidents and stories associated with it. Bhaguda ‘Maa Mogal’s Dham’ is the temple of thousands of devotees coming from abroad.

kabrau dham mogal dham

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